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Authors we have worked with

  • Donald Ennis
    Donald Ennis Author of HOT NIGHTS COLD DAYS
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    Lisa Stalvey Coady Author of The Thoughtful Chef : How the Connection of Spirituality, Great Energy and Good Clean Organic Food Become One
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    Beth Gardner Author of One Rowing Stroke at a Time - Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer for 20-Years
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  • elizabeth-dooley
    Elizabeth Dooley Author of Fern Valley Ventures: Volume 1
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  • elizabeth-dooley
    Kenneth G Allen Jr. Author of Singing the Winn/Dixie Blues and other Short Stories
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  • elizabeth-dooley
    Ana Jorda Author of Language of a Silence
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Frequently Asked Questions
Our packages offer a variety of services, including editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, ISBN acquisition, and distribution assistance. We also offer ghostwriting services. Absolutely! We understand that every author’s needs are unique. We offer consultations to discuss your project and create a customized package that aligns perfectly with your goals.
We take editing and proofreading very seriously. Your manuscript will be meticulously reviewed by experienced editors with a keen eye for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and flow. They’ll also provide insightful suggestions to enhance your story’s impact. All our editors have extensive experience and qualifications in various genres.
We offer a wide range of distribution channels (over 40+) to maximize your book’s reach. This includes major online retailers like Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble, as well as IngramSpark, which allows distribution to libraries and independent bookstores.
We believe in going beyond just publishing your book. We offer guidance on crafting a marketing strategy that might include social media promotion, author website creation, or exploring book review opportunities. The specific services will depend on your chosen package.
We offer competitive royalty rates and transparent payment structures. You’ll receive a clear breakdown of royalties with no hidden fees. There might be upfront costs depending on the services you choose in your customized package. We only charge for our services. Book ownership and royalties remain yours, forever. We’ll discuss all pricing details clearly during your consultation.
Absolutely! We have a portfolio showcasing a variety of book cover designs and formatting examples across different genres. Feel free to contact us directly for samples.
We understand the importance of trust. While we may not be able to share specific client information due to privacy concerns, we can provide testimonials from satisfied authors who have successfully published their books with Panda Publishing.
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