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Are you aware that crafting a book demand roughly 475 hours of dedication? Undoubtedly, birthing a book is an arduous endeavor. Our adept team of ghostwriters and editors is poised to provide exemplary services, ensuring your vision comes to life. We adeptly craft your story, tailoring the language and content to your exact specifications.

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In search of a convenient solution? Look no further, as Panda Publishing has got you covered! Our talented and experienced ghostwriters bring stories to life with their remarkable skills.

Whether you seek a detailed narrative, a tale set in a fantastical realm, or a depiction of life's highs and lows, our writers are here for you. It's time to engage a ghostwriter and share your story with the world! We'll lend your tale a compelling voice that inspires, motivates, and captivates audiences.

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What Makes Our Ghostwriting Services the Ideal Choice for You?

How Our Ghostwriting Services Amplify Your Unique Voice!

Just as you don't construct your own house, you may also require a ghostwriter to assist with writing your book. When crafting any form of content, ghostwriters possess such clarity that their contributions to a book elevate it to a beloved status. It's not uncommon for someone brilliant and insightful to not allow hurdles to hinder their journey to becoming an author; they simply enlist the help of a skilled ghostwriter.

Behind every gripping story, enlightening book, and influential thought leadership piece, there often lies an unsung writer. Welcome to the realm of Ghostwriting Services – a domain where wordsmiths transform ideas, experiences, and expertise into written masterpieces that enthrall, educate, and inspire, all while allowing the author to shine in the spotlight.

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Our Ghostwriting Service Process!

We kick off with thorough research and outlining based on the information you provide, setting the stage before delving into the initial chapter writing.

While our ghostwriting team keeps you updated throughout, you'll have the opportunity to review each chapter upon completion.

Regardless of any perceived imperfections in your drafts, we'll refine them to perfection, ensuring your stream of great ideas remains uninterrupted.

Beyond exceptional writing talent, we boast skilled artisans; a well-crafted book deserves meticulous attention to formatting, fonts, and cover design.

Finally, the thrilling stage of marketing campaigns! Since you've entrusted us with so much already, we'll also handle this aspect with care.

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What Makes Our Ghostwriting Company So Highly Sought After?

To meet the demands and tight deadlines of the industry, renowned authors, despite their brilliance in their respective fields, often collaborate with ghostwriters. It's quite possible that some sentences in your favorite books were not penned by the authors themselves.

Even seasoned professionals sometimes seek the assistance of a ghostwriter because of their expertise in capturing the author's voice, style, and pace seamlessly, ensuring the book maintains a consistent feel throughout. Our team of ghostwriters stands out as the epitome of excellence in the field. However, that's not all; here's why we're currently the most sought-after:

  • Our ghostwriters enhance content development with brilliance and clarity.
  • We provide fresh insights for authoring, marketing, promoting, and publishing the book.
  • Leveraging the creativity and knowledge of professional authors, we elevate the book's quality.
  • Our affordable ghostwriting services aid in structuring ideas and words into a cohesive book.
  • We offer diverse perspectives that infuse the book with a unique and original essence.
  • Additionally, we meticulously edit out extraneous material to enhance the overall quality of the book.
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Crafting Excellence Across Every Genre: Where Industry Veterans Deliver Top-Notch Work

We take immense pride in our team of highly skilled authors who excel in crafting compelling and thought-provoking content across all genres. Powered by industry veterans, we consistently deliver top-notch work.

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Samantha Chambers

Making Dreams Come True!
My name is Samantha Chambers, otherwise known as MS Chambers. I am a published author. I would like to tell you about my experience with Amz Book Publishing Services. I just published my 1st book, “Pearls of the Sea”, the 1st book in “The Sisters of the Moon Trilogy” that I have written and am publishing with Amz Book Publishing Services. I have been working very closely with my project manager, Trevor James, to accomplish everything, and Trevor and his team have been absolutely fantastic. The book itself looks so beautiful! The formatting, the layout, and the cover. Their hard work and team definitely did the cover art painted by my daughter that I submitted, it's due justice. It is absolutely gorgeous! They have been extremely pleasant, patient, understanding, and active, every step of the way. Trevor has been incredible during the process with any changes I needed to make, and any questions and concerns that I have had. They are very responsive and on the ball! I definitely recommend Panda Publishing Agencyand thank them all so much for all of the hard work they have done with me. They assisted me in making my dreams of publishing a reality. I’m really looking forward to publishing the second and third books in my series, and all of my future books with them. Thank you Amz Book Publishing Services!.

Megan Cerda

Harry Wright and Roger Hood were easy to work with and made the process go smoothly. They made sure to communicate each step clearly.


Excellent dealing with associates
Associates Mike Davidson and Alex Roy assisted in professional, courteous, and prompt ways throughout the book publishing process. We began together in July, 2022 and completed in December 2022. This was not a short process and being old and computer challenged their patience with me in explaining things was the best part of the process. The Advent Christmas book was beautifully presented with stunning cover and professional paper. Being 80 years old I encourage others my age to proceed with their plans for publication and seek helpful people to lead them through the process. This was how I was able to complete my book.

Cynthia Greer

My wonderful experience with Amz Book Publishing Services!
They are an incredible company to work with! They have great communication skills. This is something that is rare in today's world. I can always get a team member on the phone. They take the time to listen to me and work through the issues at hand.
I have published two books with Amz Book Publishing Services. I am preparing a third for publication. I will continue my business relationship with them. I am very happy with their work and the results!
They are truly a wonderful group of genuine, honest people!

Michael Gordon

Excellent support and ideas. The process went smoothly
The process went smoothly. I received lots of support. My project manager was terrific and very responsive to all my changes and questions

Rosemary Ramsdell

When I chose Panda Publishing Agencyto publish my book
they assigned Justin James as my project manager. I explained to him that I had a brain injury and had difficulty learning new information. He was amazing. He was so patient and explained everything sometimes. more than once. I was so fortunate to have him work with me at a pace I felt comfortable with. He always answered all my questions even if he had to check with the team, he would get back to me asap. My experience with Panda Publishing Agencyhas been great, so has my book from the layout, cover, pictures and synopsis. It went live on Amazon 23rd. December 2022.So exciting! I will definitely use Panda Publishing Agencyto publish my second book and hope that Justin will help me again.

Sarita Espiricueta

Excellent support and ideas. The process went smoothly
The process went smoothly. I received lots of support. My project manager was terrific and very responsive to all my changes and questions

Hannah Ong Haskell

>My experience with with Panda Publishing Agencyto have…
TI signed up with Panda Publishing Agencyto have my book published on October 11, 2022. I was promised that my book would be published by Christmas. But week after week the work kept stalling. Until Roger Hood took over and became my project manager on December 15. Things really took off under Roger. He was attentive and communicative (he would call me or take my call). Roger was always respectful. He did not pressure me to buy any other services than to get my book published. With Roger Hood as my project manager, the work got a boost and we raced to the finished line.

Darren Leigh - AEGIS Management

>I'm happy to say that Panda Publishing Agencyhas played a major role...
In helping me build over 10+ logos for my clients in just 1 Day. I highly recommend the service to anyone who is looking to get great design options at a great price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, to understand how Ghostwriting services work, here are some of the FAQs that will help you understand the overall Ghostwriting process.

Ghostwriting, or writing on behalf of others, isn't inherently illegal. It's a widely accepted practice across various industries where individuals are compensated for creating content on behalf of others, constituting a legitimate form of freelance work.
The cost of ghostwriting services depends on various factors, including the project's complexity, scope, the experience of the ghostwriter, their expertise, and the estimated time needed to complete the assignment.
Ghostwriting services typically begin with a consultation to discuss the client's needs and vision. The ghostwriter then conducts research, outlines the project, and writes the content according to the client's specifications. Revisions are made based on client feedback until the final product meets their satisfaction.
Ghostwriting services cover a wide range of projects, including books, articles, blog posts, speeches, memoirs, and more. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, long-form or short-form content, ghostwriters are equipped to handle various writing tasks.
Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of ghostwriting services. Ghostwriters respect client privacy and typically sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that the client's identity and involvement remain confidential throughout the process.
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