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Are you a published author who’s struggling with book sales? You are not alone. It is impossible to stand out from millions of books, thousands in your particular genre and niche, without conducting a potent book marketing campaign. This is where we extend our expertise to authors who want their work to be seen. We sell books through a targeted book marketing campaign tailored to your book’s niche, genre, audience, and more.

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As we all know, in today’s dynamic world of self-publishing, simply publishing your book is no longer enough. With a vast sea of titles available online, it is easy for any book to be overlooked. Therefore, effectively marketing your book is crucial (a necessity in our eyes!) for standing out and reaching your target audience. Book marketing allows you to connect with potential readers, generate excitement about your work, and ultimately drive sales.

A well-crafted marketing strategy can help you achieve several key goals:

Increased Visibility – In a crowded marketplace, book marketing strategies like social media promotion and online advertising can increase your book’s visibility. It helps put your book in front of readers’ eyes.

Credibility and Trust – Positive reviews, endorsements, and media mentions can build credibility and trust with potential readers, making them more likely to purchase your book.

Building a Fan Base – Engaging marketing campaigns can help you connect with readers on a personal level, fostering a loyal fan base that eagerly awaits your future work.

It’s all about creating a buzz and letting the social processes do their work. We can humbly claim that we have got book marketing down to a science. If you are struggling with your book sales, we invite you to reach out. Let’s connect and talk numbers!

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Why Choose Panda Publishing?

Proven Success – Helping Books and Authors Take Flight.

Panda Publishing is passionate about helping authors achieve their publishing dreams. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a glimpse of the impressive results our book marketing services have delivered:

  • Over 75% of our clients report a significant increase in book sales after implementing our marketing strategies.
  • Our targeted marketing campaigns have driven an average of 300% growth in social media engagement for our authors.
  • We’ve secured book reviews from influential reviewers and bloggers for 82% of the books we market.

These numbers are a testament to the effectiveness of our data-driven approach and our commitment to crafting personalized marketing plans that resonate with your target audience. Let Panda Publishing be the wind beneath your wings, helping your book soar to new heights!

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How We Tailor Your Book Marketing Strategy for Success

Our journey begins with a one-on-one consultation. We’ll talk about your book’s genre, target audience, and marketing goals. We’ll also discuss your preferred marketing channels, budget considerations, and any specific ideas you have. This open communication allows us to understand your vision and tailor a strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Once we understand your book’s essence, we’ll conduct thorough market research. This might involve analyzing competitor marketing strategies, identifying relevant online communities and social media groups, and researching popular book reviewers and bloggers in your genre. By understanding your ideal reader’s demographics, interests, and online behavior, we can develop targeted strategies to reach them effectively.

Based on the research and discussions, we’ll create a comprehensive marketing plan. This might include developing engaging social media content calendars, identifying relevant online advertising platforms, crafting compelling press releases, and reaching out to influential book reviewers and bloggers for potential review opportunities.

Our team of skilled content creators will craft captivating social media posts, blog articles, or email newsletters to promote your book. We’ll also help you establish a strong online presence by managing your social media channels, engaging with readers, and fostering a dedicated community around your work.

We believe in data-driven marketing. We’ll closely monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns across various channels. This allows us to identify what’s working well and what needs adjustment. We’ll continuously refine your strategy based on data insights to ensure your marketing efforts yield optimal results.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed with regular progress reports and analytics. You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns. We’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your book marketing campaign reaches its full potential.

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Panda Publishing Are Your Experts in Niche Book Marketing.

Niche marketing allows you to tailor your message and marketing efforts to a clearly defined group of readers who share a particular interest or passion. At Panda Publishing, our team of experienced marketers has a proven track record of crafting successful marketing campaigns for books across diverse niches.

By combining our in-depth niche research with our proven marketing strategies, we can help your book connect with a dedicated audience eager to discover your work. Let Panda Publishing be your partner in niche book marketing success! Contact us today to discuss.

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Samantha Chambers

Making Dreams Come True!
My name is Samantha Chambers, otherwise known as MS Chambers. I am a published author. I would like to tell you about my experience with Amz Book Publishing Services. I just published my 1st book, “Pearls of the Sea”, the 1st book in “The Sisters of the Moon Trilogy” that I have written and am publishing with Amz Book Publishing Services. I have been working very closely with my project manager, Trevor James, to accomplish everything, and Trevor and his team have been absolutely fantastic. The book itself looks so beautiful! The formatting, the layout, and the cover. Their hard work and team definitely did the cover art painted by my daughter that I submitted, it's due justice. It is absolutely gorgeous! They have been extremely pleasant, patient, understanding, and active, every step of the way. Trevor has been incredible during the process with any changes I needed to make, and any questions and concerns that I have had. They are very responsive and on the ball! I definitely recommend Panda Publishing Agencyand thank them all so much for all of the hard work they have done with me. They assisted me in making my dreams of publishing a reality. I’m really looking forward to publishing the second and third books in my series, and all of my future books with them. Thank you Amz Book Publishing Services!.

Megan Cerda

Harry Wright and Roger Hood were easy to work with and made the process go smoothly. They made sure to communicate each step clearly.


Excellent dealing with associates
Associates Mike Davidson and Alex Roy assisted in professional, courteous, and prompt ways throughout the book publishing process. We began together in July, 2022 and completed in December 2022. This was not a short process and being old and computer challenged their patience with me in explaining things was the best part of the process. The Advent Christmas book was beautifully presented with stunning cover and professional paper. Being 80 years old I encourage others my age to proceed with their plans for publication and seek helpful people to lead them through the process. This was how I was able to complete my book.

Cynthia Greer

My wonderful experience with Amz Book Publishing Services!
They are an incredible company to work with! They have great communication skills. This is something that is rare in today's world. I can always get a team member on the phone. They take the time to listen to me and work through the issues at hand.
I have published two books with Amz Book Publishing Services. I am preparing a third for publication. I will continue my business relationship with them. I am very happy with their work and the results!
They are truly a wonderful group of genuine, honest people!

Michael Gordon

Excellent support and ideas. The process went smoothly
The process went smoothly. I received lots of support. My project manager was terrific and very responsive to all my changes and questions

Rosemary Ramsdell

When I chose Panda Publishing Agencyto publish my book
they assigned Justin James as my project manager. I explained to him that I had a brain injury and had difficulty learning new information. He was amazing. He was so patient and explained everything sometimes. more than once. I was so fortunate to have him work with me at a pace I felt comfortable with. He always answered all my questions even if he had to check with the team, he would get back to me asap. My experience with Panda Publishing Agencyhas been great, so has my book from the layout, cover, pictures and synopsis. It went live on Amazon 23rd. December 2022.So exciting! I will definitely use Panda Publishing Agencyto publish my second book and hope that Justin will help me again.

Sarita Espiricueta

Excellent support and ideas. The process went smoothly
The process went smoothly. I received lots of support. My project manager was terrific and very responsive to all my changes and questions

Hannah Ong Haskell

>My experience with with Panda Publishing Agencyto have…
TI signed up with Panda Publishing Agencyto have my book published on October 11, 2022. I was promised that my book would be published by Christmas. But week after week the work kept stalling. Until Roger Hood took over and became my project manager on December 15. Things really took off under Roger. He was attentive and communicative (he would call me or take my call). Roger was always respectful. He did not pressure me to buy any other services than to get my book published. With Roger Hood as my project manager, the work got a boost and we raced to the finished line.

Darren Leigh - AEGIS Management

>I'm happy to say that Panda Publishing Agencyhas played a major role...
In helping me build over 10+ logos for my clients in just 1 Day. I highly recommend the service to anyone who is looking to get great design options at a great price point.

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Ready to see some sales made on your book? Or perhaps you have some questions you need answered? Don’t hesitate to reach out! The Panda Publishing team is here to answer your questions and provide tailored advice to address your specific needs.

We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your book’s genre, target audience, and marketing goals. We’ll delve into our comprehensive marketing strategies and explore how we can craft a plan that perfectly aligns with your vision and budget.

Let’s chat about turning your book into a bestseller! Contact us today and get ready to see your book reach a wider audience and achieve the success it deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, to understand how book marketing services work, here are some of the FAQs that will help you understand the overall book marketing process.

While you can certainly promote your book independently, our book marketing services offer several advantages such as expertise and experience, targeted reach and visibility, content creation and community building, performance tracking, and optimization
We believe in a collaborative approach. Our process begins with a consultation to understand your book’s genre, target audience, and marketing goals. We’ll then conduct thorough market research to identify relevant online communities, potential reviewers, and suitable advertising platforms. Based on these insights, we’ll craft a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your specific needs and budget.
While we can’t guarantee specific sales figures, we can guarantee our commitment to crafting a data-driven marketing plan that maximizes your book’s visibility and reach. We’ll track the performance of your campaigns and continuously optimize strategies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts. Our proven track record of success in promoting books across various genres demonstrates our ability to deliver impactful results.
We offer a variety of book marketing packages to suit different needs and budgets. During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your specific goals and provide a transparent breakdown of our pricing options. We believe in offering flexible and customizable solutions to ensure you get the marketing support you need without exceeding your budget.
We value collaboration and transparency. Throughout the marketing campaign, you’ll be kept informed with regular progress reports and analytics. We’ll also schedule regular consultations to discuss the campaign’s performance and answer any questions you may have. We encourage your input and feedback to ensure the marketing strategy aligns perfectly with your vision for your book.
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